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Episode 51: my first shawl design!

Welcome back to my knitting podcast! I’ve been busy exploring knitting and herbal remedies, healing through making and nature and food… In this episode, I share the inspiration behind Hawthorn Tincture, my latest design and first shawl knitting pattern! I hope you enjoy listening to the connections I’ve made between knitting, the outdoors, friendships, and wool. I discuss what makes a great baby knit, and the qualities you should look for when choosing yarn and pattern. Stay tuned for the giveaway winners from the recent prize draw!

Featured projects

Hawthorn Tincture, my new shawl design. It’s part of the Herbalism-inspired collection featuring woolly yarns and textures. Other designs are the Oregano Socks and Salvia Hat.

The baby knits book is Simply Baby by Debbie Bliss.*

Honourable mentions

See my Larder Life booklist* – my favourite books for learning about herbal remedies, available from independent bookshops.

Some books I’m reading are The Handmade Apothecary* (original book); the Herbal Remedy Handbook* (the follow-up recipe book); and A Modern Herbal* by Alys Fowler.

*Contains affiliate links, meaning that I may receive a small commission upon your purchase. This allows you to support The Crimson Stitchery at no extra cost.

Conversational Threads

I explain my recent absence from the online world. Life has not been easy lately, and I simply have to prioritise completing my thesis over the next year. I’ll still be making content, knitting and designing – it’s part of me at this point! I just won’t be able to commit to any kind of regular upload schedule. Grad school is tough enough on its own, let alone with all the challenges that life has thrown at us as of late. I’m trying to do whatever I can to preserve my focus and energy, so that I can get through this last stretch of my doctoral studies.

Thank you for your understanding, and for continuing to be a part of my audience! I appreciate your support so very much. The monthly newsletter is the best place to get my announcements, and I’m most active on our Discord server (available via Patreon).

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