Natalie Warner, London based knitting teacher and knitwear designer interview

Interview with Natalie Warner, knitwear designer

On a very sunny summer afternoon, I visited knitwear designer, teacher and writer Natalie Warner in her garden. In this interview edition of my knitting podcast, I chat with Natalie about all things knitting, design and history.

A fascination with makers and making

Natalie is a lifelong maker who grew up in a vibrantly creative family. She’s seen first hand how knitting and sewing is a deeply empowering act, opening the door to limitless experimentation and creative exploration. Her fascinating career path has taken her from literature to textiles, and during her studies in English Literature she was fascinated by the medieval world of bustling artisan workshops described in Chaucer. After an academic career, she moved into teaching people from a variety of life circumstances how to knit, crochet and sew. Natalie speaks above all with compassion about the importance of making, and the many different life skills that creativity empowers us to develop.

Designing between storytelling and play

Natalie has published original knitting patterns for many major craft publications, and on her own website. She designs highly-textured and cleverly engineered garments. Play is an important facet of her creative process, as she frequently creates inventive new stitch patterns with cables and lace. Natalie also writes a blog, generously sharing her expertise in knitwear design, pattern drafting, running a small business, and more.

A conversation between makers in London

I really enjoyed chatting with Natalie about her work, as we both share a lifelong dedication to creativity in all its forms. I also share her love of knitted texture, which is evident in my own knitting designs for The Crimson Stitchery!

I hope you enjoy the interview. Check out Natalie’s website,

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