Test Knitting

Interested in becoming a test knitter for The Crimson Stitchery?

I occasionally use test-knitters to help develop the original knitting patterns designed for The Crimson Stitchery. Test knitting provides valuable feedback for creating user-centred knitting patterns.

To receive calls to test knit new patterns for The Crimson Stitchery, please click here and complete the form. 

I especially welcome test-knitters from a range of body sizes and shapes.  This greatly helps in growing a size-inclusive range of patterns, though the creation of toiles (mock-ups) which demonstrate how a design looks on many different bodies.

I wish to encourage knitters to alter patterns for their own unique bodies, and since many of my designs are intended as gender-neutral pieces, I also encourage test-knitters from all genders (not only the gender of the model!).

Test knitting opportunities may also be advertised on my social media channels, Instagram Stories or the Ravelry Group.

Kindly note that at this time, test knitting is a voluntary endeavour.

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