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Episode 61: finding a knitting sweet spot

I’m back with a full episode! After the fun of launching the WIPalong in Episode 60, I’ve been cracking down and working on my knitting projects. I chat more about finding those ‘knitting sweet spots’, where you find the perfect combination of yarn and stitch pattern, and it feels like you could knit non-stop.

For me this is generally quite a simple knitting project, so I’m wondering if you’re interested in my publishing some simpler knitting patterns too?

I’ve also been embroidering, an unusual activity for me. Plus I discuss the art project that I was selected to participate in. For this, I am making some knitted pieces where the cloth communicates symbolism and meaning through fibre, shape and colour.

Are you participating in the WIPalong? Find more information about the WIPalong below.

Show notes

What I’m wearing

My sweater is #26 Cable Trim Pullover by Vladimir Teriokhin, from a back issue of Vogue Knitting magazine, Fall 2006! It’s knitted using Drops Alpaca Silk yarn. There are some more details on my Ravelry project page.

Knitting Basket: my current projects

Violet Twister Lolly socks

My crochet scrap haori jacket continues, but it’ll be put on pause for now whilst I amass more scraps.

I’m knitting a simple blue ribbed hat using worsted-weight yarn. This is proving immensely satisfying to make! Are you interested in knitting patterns for simple projects? Do let me know.

I’m also stitching my Chinese lion embroidery project, following a workshop by Yi Crafts in London.

The book on Chinese visual symbolism I mentioned is Chinese Art – a Guide to Motifs and Visual Imagery* by Patricia Bjaaland Welch.

*Contains affiliate links, meaning that your purchase may pay me a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Conversational Threads

I was selected to take part in an art project featuring textile artists with connections to East London. The project is called Traces: Stories of Migration, and is led by the artist Lucy Orta.

East London has a long history of textile and fashion workers. I discuss the French Hugenot weavers who migrated to London in the 1600s (17th century CE) to escape religious persecution. They were extremely skilled in weaving, and brought their craft with them.

Featured designs

The lace socks are the Twister Lolly Socks . I made the trainer (shortie) length version, using leftover yarn from my sample of the Wafer Crunch Socks.

The blue ribbed hat I’m knitting for my sister uses a leftover hank of yarn from my Bundle of Stars shawl & Starlit Night mitts designs.

How to join in the Crimson WIPalong

Taking part is simple, and you can take an approach that works best for you. The basic guidelines are:

  • Write a list of all of your current works-in-progress (WIPs) and unfinished objects (UFOs)
  • Commit to finishing or discarding at least 50% of these over the next 6 months
  • Resist the urge to start any new projects until you have halved your WIP-list
  • Share your progress and cheer others on, through #CrimsonWIPalong on Instagram

The Crimson WIPalong will take place on Instagram and on The Crimson Stitchery’s private Discord server. Just join in by posting photos of WIPs and using the hashtag #CrimsonWIPalong and #thecrimsonstitchery.

If you don’t have an Instagram account, or you’re looking for other knitters to chat with more, then the Discord server is the best place to be. This is a private members’ forum which you can access by joining my Patreon. It’s an exclusive perk which is available to all tiers of supporters. As the Discord server is not open to the public, it’s a more intimate space to share, ask questions, and get to know other makers.

See you at the WIPalong!

This video is possible thanks to my wonderful supporters on Patreon! If you enjoy my content, do consider joining us!

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