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We have a friendly and active Ravelry group, which is an open forum where you can share your knitting/crochet projects, seek advice from other users, and participate in community-led makealongs. It’s free to make a Ravelry account, and there are other benefits too like a digital notebook for your projects and online pattern library for storing .pdf patterns you purchase through Ravelry.

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Do get involved in the comments for each YouTube video! Since viewers are often encouraged to chip in and respond to questions, the comments are frequently a wealth of knowledge and shared experience. I occasionally directly solicit my viewers’ opinions through polls and open Q&A sessions via the YouTube Community tab.


I’m fully aware that for many people, the comments sections can be intimidating or rather negative, and we are so lucky that it’s not like that at The Crimson Stitchery. Please be assured that comments are actively monitored and hate speech is not tolerated. Most people are helpful and friendly. By and large, we adopt the approach of writing/speaking how you’d like to be spoken to yourself.


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