Pattern errata

Have you spotted an error in one of my knitting patterns?

I spend a lot of time developing the original knitting patterns designed for The Crimson Stitchery. These frequently go through several rounds of professional tech-editing and proof-reading; plus additional checking by a keen-eyed group of test knitters.

Despite this, mistakes do happen, and typos occasionally slip through!

If you’re knitting one of the patterns published under The Crimson Stitchery and you feel like something isn’t quite right, please go through the following checklist first:

  • Are you definitely reading the instructions for the right size?
  • Did you get the same gauge (tension) as the pattern?
  • Have you double-checked your stitch counts? Check before, during & after increase/decrease rows; and at the preceding increase/decrease rows.
  • Have you done a final check in daylight?

This list is here to help both of us: if the mistake turns out to be an easily rectifiable user error, then you’ll be able to get back to knitting ASAP – without hanging around, waiting for me to get back to you! A knitter once contacted me about an error, and for ages, I just couldn’t work out what was wrong in the pattern. The numbers all seemed to add up, and I was struggling to locate the mistake. A few days later, they informed me that it was a miscount, and that they’d been working on the project at a knit night at the local pub. The combination of craft beers + dingy lighting was a simple explanation for the error, and they happily got back to knitting!


How to get in touch about possible errors in the pattern

If you think that it’s not a user-error, but possibly a typo, mistake, or missing piece of information in the pattern, please contact me via e-mail in the first instance. 

  • Send an email to Anushka at thecrimsonstitchery @
  • Subject line PATTERN ERRATA & the name of the pattern.

Please include the following information in your e-mail:

  • The full pattern file name that you’re working from
  • The size you are making
  • Details of where you think the error is located

Please allow 5-8 working days for a reply before chasing the query. I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible, within regular office hours. Sometimes I will carry out a full investigation and re-calculation of the error prior to writing back to you. 

Kindly note that I do not regularly check Direct Messages on Ravelry or Instagram, and that queries submitted in comments on social media are easily lost. The best way to contact me is via e-mail.

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