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Show me your projects

I love seeing what you’re knitting – especially if you’ve made one of my designs. Share your projects with me on social media.


  • Feel free to tag me – @TheCrimsonStitchery
  • Share your progress on designs by The Crimson Stitchery using #TheCrimsonStitchery
  • Remember that each design has a personalised hashtag, too. Check the pattern .pdf, and use #TCSpatternname as a fail-safe.


Knitting pattern queries

To contact me about possible errors in one of my knitting patterns published under The Crimson Stitchery, please read the Pattern Errata page first. 

To volunteer as a test knitter please fill out the form on that page.

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Help & advice

If you’re struggling with a technique used in one of my knitting patterns, check to see if I’ve created a tutorial for it.

If not, then drop me question through my Knitting Problems form. I’ll keep your questions at the forefront when I’m planning new tutorials and other knitting videos.

Need extra help? Book a 1-on-1 tutorial with me by joining the Crimson Queens tier on my Patreon. 

By joining my Patreon, you’ll also get access to our Discord server where you can chat with our wonderful community of experienced knitters. There’s always someone around willing to lend a hand.

How to get in touch

Contact me via e-mail only, addressed to

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Note that I don’t regularly check Direct Messages on Ravelry or Instagram, and that queries submitted in comments on social media are easily lost. The best way to contact me is via e-mail.

I will ignore any e-mails about unpaid YouTube/Instagram brand collaboration opportunities. If you are a brand PR, please explain to me why your product will be of interest and relevance to my audience.