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Episode 54: the joy (horror) of beige

Alert! When it comes to colour, beige is my vanilla. But is it safe and boring, or a yummy comforting biscuit? In this month’s knitting podcast I’m finding my assumptions challenged as I get weirdly drawn to a colour that makes me look naked…!

I’m also enjoying cables! My new hat design for Hudson + West Co is Kolsch, and features lots and lots of cables inside diamond-shaped frames. Glorious! It’s released on 27 April.

Poetry returns to The Crimson Stitchery as I’ve discovered a lovely poem by Marie Howe about a plague of mysterious scissors. It’s not clear what metaphors are lurking beneath the words – give me your best guess in the comments below 🙂

I’m working on more cabled socks for the autumn. How should I theme my mini-collection of cabled sock patterns?

Featured projects

My new design is the Kolsch hat for Hudson + West Co. Sign up for my newsletter to get updates on all new pattern releases!

The previous accessories I designed using mohair-silk and hand-dyed merino yarns are the Bundle of Stars shawl & Starlit Night fingerless gloves.

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Honourable mentions

My charcoal T-shirt is Timbromania by Julia Farwell-Clay. Some notes are on Ravelry.

I started knitting Vintage Prim by Andrea Mowry, a brioche hat.

I read the poem What the Angels Left by Marie Howe.

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