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Episode 58: a knitted dickey! (clean minds plz) knitting & crochet podcast + exhibition update

I have a new design published by Making Magazine! My pattern for a ‘knit dickey’ (what can I say, they chose the name…) is now published in Making Winter Vol.4, the Gifts edition – amongst some wonderful company! (Scroll down for links)

In this month’s (slightly tardy) episode of my studio vlog, I chat much more about the process of designing and making this piece. I have lots of ideas for weird & wonderful accessories – O if only time weren’t a factor, I would bombard you delightful knitters with so many more patterns. Even so, crochet has been a wonderful respite.

PLUS my exhibition is now open!! I update you on my artist residency at Kew Gardens Archive which has been ongoing since the summer. Thanks so much for watching and being here with me across the last year. There have been a LOT of ups & downs, and I deeply appreciate your company and your support. At the moment things are Up, but I am pragmatic as always – they won’t stay Up forever! I rest easy knowing that I have such a wonderful & understanding audience when I inevitably face the next Down.

Featured knitting projects & designs

My latest design, the Knit Dickey pattern, is published in Making Winter Vol. 4 Gifts.

Almandine, my hooded scarf pattern, was published in Pom Pom Quarterly Issue 6. Click here to browse on Ravelry.

Winter Solstice knitting design collaborations

Thanks to my Patreon supporter Gabby (Mabel94 on Ravelry) for sharing her version of Brandy Butter. She created a marled version, knit using 2 finer yarns held together in order to create a worsted-weight gauge. See her Ravelry project page.

Winter Solstice Festive Treats

With Dianna Walla of Paper Tiger Knits, Winter 2020

My designs: Brandy Butter hat & Ginger Snaps fingerless mitts

Dianna’s designs on Ravelry: Peperkakar fingerless mitts & Lebkuchen hat

Mid-Winter Knits: Stargazing at Matariki

With Francoise Danoy of Aroha Knits, Winter 2021-2022

Click here to read more about the collaboration.

My designs: Starlit Night fingerless mitts & Bundle of Stars shawl

Francoise’s designs on Ravelry: Whetu hat & Whetu bandanna cowl

My exhibition at Kew Gardens Archive

Browse the exhibition companion website, where you can listen to the music and read the exhibition texts & captions.

Read my blog post about my artist residency & exhibition published on UAL Post-Graduate Stories.

I’ve been posting behind-the-scenes exhibition updates on my personal (non-knitting) Instagram account is @asourtelling. My professional/academic Twitter account is @a_h_tay – but note – as Twitter is self-combusting as of Nov/Dec 2022, I probably won’t be using it any longer.

This video was funded by my wonderful supporters on Patreon, helping me cover equipment and recording expenses. If you like my videos, become a Patron at

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