10 Best London Yarn Shops for Knitting & Crochet

London is a haven for knitters! You can find a diverse array of yarn shops here, from neighbourhood local yarn shops, chi-chi boutiques, educational workshops run by artists, and haberdashery sections of department stores. There really is something for every type of knitter, and options can be found to suit a range of budgets. Here […]

10 favourite sock yarns for perfect handknitted socks

Thumbnail for a video about top 10 recommended sock yarns, showing a woman smiling and a pair of hand knit socks

Sock yarn is amazing, but with so many colours, brands and types out there, it can be hard to decide which one to cast on! When I first contemplated knitting socks, I found the sheer range of options available completely overwhelming. I also soon realised that even the recommended yarns in some knitting patterns, books […]

Episode 56: rum & knitting plants

Thumbnail for knitting podcast episode 56, showing a woman smiling holding a red knitting project and wearing a black knitted bamboo vest

Do you like plant yarns? I’ve been knitting bamboo, cotton and ramie yarns in my recent projects – and I’ve learnt so much! In this episode of my knitting podcast, I share recent summer knitting projects, and the different fabric characteristics of plant fibres. I’m doing an artist residency and research placement at the botanical […]

Episode 55: summer knits, bobbles & yokes!

Thumbnail for knitting podcast episode 55, showing a smiling woman wearing a handknitted yoke sweater

Knitting wins, knitting fails, and everything in-between…This episode of my knitting podcast launches my very first sweater pattern – Sisymbrium! This was a fabulous collaborative project with Black Isle Yarns, a wonderful company in the Scottish highlands creating hand-dyed yarns using natural dyes and local fleeces. I give a glimpse at the design process behind […]

Episode 54: the joy (horror) of beige

Knitting and crochet podcast on Youtube about craft, culture, making & fun modern projects

Alert! When it comes to colour, beige is my vanilla. But is it safe and boring, or a yummy comforting biscuit? In this month’s knitting podcast I’m finding my assumptions challenged as I get weirdly drawn to a colour that makes me look naked…! I’m also enjoying cables! My new hat design for Hudson + […]

Episode 53: just give me simple projects!

Knitting and crochet podcast on Youtube about craft, culture, making & fun modern projects

Life is complicated, knitting doesn’t have to be. In Episode 53 of my knitting podcast I share finished sock knitting, muse on unenjoyable colourwork, and discuss the woes of sewing in the ends of crochet scrap projects. Whilst I’ve continued to be busy tying up loose ends, I’ve found myself wanting to just knit simple, […]

Episode 52: I finally get the mohair trend

Knitting and crochet podcast on Youtube about craft, culture, making & fun modern projects

Eek! Have I finally succumbed to the lure of a KNITTING TREND??? Cosy up for another episode of my knitting podcast, where I share what I’ve been making. In this vlog, I dive deep into fibre experimentation and swatch development for my recent design collaboration – the Mid-Winter Knits collection with Aroha Knits, which was […]

Interview with Aroha Knits

Francoise Danoy of Aroha Knits, modern Maori knitting designer, interview with The Crimson Stitchery about diaspora design culture

Francoise Danoy is a Maori diaspora knitwear designer best known for her transformative use of Maori shapes and pattern. For her brand Aroha Knits, she uses the medium of knitting to explore and claim her cultural heritage. In this interview edition of my knitting podcast, I chat with Francoise all about the way she’s been […]

Episode 51: my first shawl design!

Knitting and crochet podcast on Youtube about craft, culture, making & fun modern projects

Welcome back to my knitting podcast! I’ve been busy exploring knitting and herbal remedies, healing through making and nature and food… In this episode, I share the inspiration behind Hawthorn Tincture, my latest design and first shawl knitting pattern! I hope you enjoy listening to the connections I’ve made between knitting, the outdoors, friendships, and […]

Sheep Skein Sweater 2: Exploring the yarn

A sheep in a field in Scotland, part of the knitting design process

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