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Episode 59: out with the old, in with the knitting!

Happy new year 2023! Thanks for being with me, and happy knitting! I filmed this episode of my studio vlog (AKA knitting podcast) just before I had to rush out the door to celebrate New Year’s Eve, and it’s a bubbly and reflective one. I had the flu over December which was rotten, but it was a good time to finish projects whilst celebrating what we’ve managed to achieve over the past year. In knitting news, I finally stitched in the last yarn-end of my Log Cabin blanket – a rather long-term WIP which I started back in one of the lockdowns of 2020! I’m also making more socks from stash and scraps. It was a tumultuous year for me at The Crimson Stitchery, but nonetheless I published 5 new designs and am so grateful to have this amazing community (you!) around me online. Thank you for being here. Cheers to a better 2023 (fingers crossed!!)

Show notes

I’m making…

A long-term finished object: my scrap Log Cabin blanket knitted using the Courthouse Steps pattern.

Two more versions pairs of Twister Lolly Socks using pink and purple yarns which are from stash and leftovers.

Do you fancy another WIP-along in 2023? Let me know.

Honorable mentions

Artist Freddie Robbins frequently works in knit. I listened to an interview with her on the Material Matters podcast by the design writer Grant Gibson.

Featured designs

The lace socks are the Twister Lolly Socks , I’m making the trainer (shortie) length version.

In 2022 I released 5 new designs for hand-knitting! There were 3 published under The Crimson Stitchery: The Bundle of Stars shawl and matching Starlit Night mitts, and my first sweater design the Sisymbrium yoke. I also published 2 designs with external companies: Kolsch hat with Hudson + West Co, and Knit Dickey for Making Magazine.

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