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Episode 57: crochet for tired brain+ preserving early autumn!

Autumn nights have made me pretty creative, as I hide indoors with crochet, knitting, and preserving! In this episode of my studio vlog, I share recent projects and update you on my artist residency. I’ve developed my textile research at Kew Gardens Archive through looking through their records of 19th century plant collecting across East Asia. My ramie sock, knitted in response to the 114-year-old ramie sock, has come along beautifully, and I’ve learnt a lot more about the fibre & its fabric through knitting it. I’ve also been back to scrap & stash projects with a fun crochet baby blanket, and a vintage-style polo t-shirt. Grab a project and a hot drink and have fun crafting with me 🙂

Featured projects

Blue polo t-shirt pattern from Rowan 31, using Rowan summerlite 4 ply

The Little Knitting Company cotton ramie

Honorable mentions

Unripe figs preserved in honey recipe

Cold brew tea

Fruit scrap vinegar recipe

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I am trying to be practical about this situation as I approach the end of my PhD (now writing up) and come up with realistic options for developing a career which will actually pay me a salary – since it is looking unlikely that the ‘traditional’ academic route of teaching is going to cover my basic living expenses. Hopefully more with The Crimson Stitchery, once I finally (eventually!) finish my studies! It’s a work in progress. Thanks for being here & part of my audience 🙂

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