What is rustic yarn?

an exploration of woollen-spun yarn
What is rustic yarn - wool knitting tutorial

Rustic yarn has become more and more popular amongst knitters in recent years, especially online and in podcasts. But what is it? What does ‘rustic’ really mean? And do you HAVE to have a basket? This video is about all things rustic yarn and wool, and includes bonus analysis of cultural history, from a Certified Fashion Historian! The video covers:

  • The technical properties of ‘rustic yarn’
  • Why it’s special
  • The kinds of techniques and knitting projects that it’s great for
  • Why it’s often so expensive
  • How you can get it for cheap
  • Is it itchy?
  • Is it like being back in the 1970s?
  • Why does everyone seem to like it so much?




I hope that you’ve found this tutorial helpful. If you wish to leave a comment, click through to watch the video on YouTube.

This tutorial is unsponsored, and all yarns were purchased by myself.

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