How to wind yarn with NO equipment

wind a hank or skein of yarn into a ball for knitting
How to wind yarn with no equipment - knitting crochet tutorial

Hanks (skeins) of yarn have to be wound up before you can knit or crochet with them. Don’t worry if you don’t have a ball winder and swift to hand – it’s easy to wind up yarn using no equipment at all. This video demonstration is a tutorial for my favourite yarn-winding technique. It’s so simple that I’ve actually been using this same technique ever since I was a child! The video covers:

  • Why you have to wind up hanks* of yarn
  • How do do this with no specialist equipment
  • How to use furniture around your home as props, for those with physical mobility requirements
  • How to set up for breaks
  • Troubleshooting: when yarn goes bad…



*note that when a large loop of yarn is sold twisted up, it’s called a hank. This term is commonly mistaken the word ‘skein’. A skein is yarn that has been wound into an oblong shape, like many commercial sock yarns.


I hope that you’ve found this tutorial helpful. If you wish to leave a comment, click through to watch the video on YouTube.

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