Knitting & crochet on a budget

thrifty tips for crafting when you're broke
Knitting & Crochet on a budget

Knitting and crochet are fantastic hobbies – but they come at a price! This video shares my tips for how to knit and crochet when finances are tight. The cost of yarns, patterns, tools and equipment can be quite intimidating – especially for beginners. Yet I’ve been knitting on a strict budget for many years, and that has never stopped me from enjoying the craft and making beautiful things. In fact, it’s forced me to be as creative, inventive and innovative as possible!

The reasons for your budget will range, and will be influenced by a range of factors both within and outside your control. But there are so many possibilities out there for sourcing yarns, patterns, knitting needles and crochet hooks even when purse strings are tied in the knottiest of knots.




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