Tracking increases & decreases

read your knitting to improve skills and efficiency
Knitting tutorial - Tracking increases and decreases - reading your knitting

In this knitting video tutorial, I share my straightforward method of how to keep track of increases and decreases in your knitting pattern. It includes a detailed look at how to read your knitting, why that’s a useful skill to develop, and examples of key increases/decreases. This tutorial will teach you how to keep track of where you are in your knitting projects, to knit the right number of increases or decreases, and to keep a record of your progress. The video covers:

  • Identifying the direction of knitting & shaping
  • Spacing knitted increases & decreases for anatomically-correct sleeve shapes
  • My simple system for tracking increases & decreases
  • How to read your knitting
  • Examples shown: k2tog, m1 / m1l, yarn over




I hope that you’ve found this tutorial helpful. If you wish to leave a comment, click through to watch the video on YouTube.

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