Knitting Alterations

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Altering knitting patterns - changing gauge - knitting alterations

People often ask me for advice on how to get started with making alterations and changes to knitting and sewing projects. It’s something that I’ve always done, and I view alterations as a crucial skill for all makers! It starts with building a healthy, accepting relationship to your body so that you can critically assess what changes can be made to your project – and carry it out in a completely non-judgemental manner. In this video series, I’ll share how to start making alterations, calculate your gauge, and how to approach difficult or challenging areas of knitted garment construction.


1. Making clothes to embrace the body you have

In this video I explain how my background in performance costume design & making (crucially, different from fashion!) has informed my practical approach to fitting clothing.

I then share 4 key pieces of advice, with plenty of suggestions and tips. I hope that you can go forward with love, compassion, and the confidence to experiment, learn, and make mistakes!



2.  How to get started altering knitting patterns



3. How to calculate your gauge to alter knitting patterns


4.  Tricky knitting alterations & fitting your body – viewer Q&A



5. How to change your gauge

Coming soon



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