Graft a sock toe with kitchener stitch

finish a sock toe by grafting live stitches
Kitchener stitch - grafting tutorial - Knitting sock toe

This video tutorial demonstrates how to graft live stitches in your knitting projects, also known as Kitchener Stitch. This seaming technique is typically used on the toes of handknit socks when knit cuff-down, or joining shoulders of sweaters; but it can have many more applications including when making alterations to old projects. The video covers:

  • What grafting (kitchener stitch) is
  • Its properties, on the right and wrong sides of the fabric
  • Tools & equipment needed
  • Differentiating between knitwise and purlwise needle insertion
  • A full explanation and demonstration of the technique




I hope that you’ve found this tutorial helpful. If you wish to leave a comment, click through to watch the video on YouTube.

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