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The podcast and many of the resources and tutorials offered through The Crimson Stitchery are available for free online. I believe that everybody should have the right to enjoy creativity, and be accorded respect no matter what their income level.  Yet video-making, designing and teaching come with significant costs, and online advertising revenue disproportionately benefits the middle-men.

Encouraged by many wonderful viewers, instead of putting all my content behind a paywall, I decided on the system of voluntary contributions. These ‘tips’, whether one-off or on a recurring subscription, help me to cover the necessary costs such as web hosting, equipment, software – and much more! This crowd-funded endeavour means that even a small contribution can help towards making The Crimson Stitchery sustainable in the long term.


For plenty of extra content, join The Crimson Stitchery with a monthly subscription on Patreon. There are a range of exclusive benefits for Patrons, including access to a private Discord server (a chat group that’s not publicly accessible), virtual online knit nights, behind-the-scenes blog posts – and much more. Patreon support has been amazing to build a flourishing community with shared values. I really cannot stress enough the impact it’s made on me as an artist. Predictable and regular Patreon income provides me with the time and resources to invest in developing videos and designs – as well as researching and exploring new ideas. It’s a warm space to experiment, and get to know the other talented and people who participate in our Patreon community. Thank you!
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This is a quick and easy way to make a difference as Ko-Fi has much lower fees, and more of your money reaches me! Ko-Fi support allows me to cover the boring but completely essential practical necessities, like saving for equipment upgrades and paying for web hosting. Occasionally I do treat myself to a coffee and cake – so thank you for that!

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